DSLCC Student Emergency Fund

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DSLCC students are in need now more than ever. You can help provide much needed relief to our students from the far reaching personal and economic effects of the coronavirus by donating to the DSLCC Student Emergency Fund.

Please give your tax deductible donation today. 

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Community Resources

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DSLCC is committed to helping our students in every aspect of their lives during this time.  We are continually working to keep our students, staff, and community updated on issues related to COVID-19 and DSLCC.

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Pandemic Doesn't Stop Governor's School Research Projects

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Every April for the past several years, the Jackson River Governor’s School has hosted an exhibition - fondly known as the JRGS Science Fair - for students in Barbara Kolb’s research course, NAS-198-199, “Intro to Scientific Research,” to show off their projects. Typically, the JRGS Science Fair is held in the Moomaw Center on the Dabney S.

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DSLCC Health & Safety

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Update April 14, 2020

Due to the evolving COVID-19 situation, the campus will remain closed through June 10, with only virtual services available.  The campus closure includes the DSLCC Cubby Closet.  The remainder of the spring semester instruction will continue online, and summer semester instruction will be conducted online as well.

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The Way Coffee Shop Supports DSLCC Athletics

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DSLCC Nursing Faculty Receives Excellence Award

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DSLCC Seeking Distinguished Alumni Award Nominations

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The Dabney S. Lancaster Community College Alumni Association is pleased to announce that the 4th annual Distinguished Alumni Award is currently open for nominations.

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International Cuisine Workshops Offered at DSLCC This Spring

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DSLCC Associate VP Chosen as Fulbright Scholar

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G3 is a Good Long-Term Investment

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Since 1962, Dabney S. Lancaster Community College (DSLCC) has provided opportunities that were previously unavailable to our region.

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