WEPA Printing

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Dabney S. Lancaster Community College utilizes a campus print system called WEPA (pronounced “Wee-Pah”), Wireless Everywhere Print Anywhere. WEPA offers the ability to load/send documents from any location (i.e. home computers, laptops, libraries) and print documents at any WEPA Printing Kiosk on campus. Users can also print documents directly from their USB at any WEPA station. The WEPA kiosks can be found in the library, Warren Hall, and at the Rockbridge Center. Printing costs are .10 B/W and .50 for color prints.


WEPA cards can be used at any printing kiosks and can be obtained from the DSLCC bookstore or the Library. You may also use a personal credit or debit card or access funds on your own WEPA account when printing.