Ways to Give

DSLCC welcomes gifts of all types and can work with you and your financial advisor to maximize the tax benefits for you.

Tax deductible contributions may be mailed to the:

Dabney S. Lancaster Community College Educational Foundation
P. O. Box 1000
Clifton Forge, VA  2

Thereare many ways to give to the DSLCC Educational Foundation. Whether you give an unresticted gift that will go to the area of greatest need or make a specific gift to a program or scholarship, your gift will make a difference to the future of DSLCC and its students.

Unrestricted Gifts — for use where the need is greatest: DSLCC is a dynamic community college, and its priorites continually change to meet the needs of the community. Gifts with no stipulation as to purpose or use are unrestricted. Unrestricted gifts are needed to provide funding for areas of the College impacted by budget shortfalls and decreased funding. Such gifts give the College the maximum flexibility to respond to changing students, campus, and community needs.

Restricted Gifts: Restricted gifts are those given for a specific purpose designated by the donor.

Cash: Gifts of cash are always welcome and may be used to fund restricted or unrestricted gifts.

Pledges: Pledges also may be used to fund restricted or unrestricted gifts. Payable over five years, a pledge may also be used to fund a named endowment.

Stocks/Bonds: These gifts are transferred directly to the Educational Foundation invetsment firm, which will cash and invest the funds according to the Foundation's investment policy.

Marketable Property: Securities, real property, and saleable personal property

Rights and Insurance: Royalties, copyrights, trademark rights, insurance policies, and naming the DSLCC Educational Foundation as a beneficiary.

Gifts-in-Kind: Any gifts that are to be used in the form in which they are given: art objects, books, equipment, services, etc.