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You have the opportunity to change the lives of area citizens by enabling them to successfully pursue postsecondary education, achieve positive life outcomes, and to fulfill dreams long denied.

Investing in the Future

Through the support of our friends, the DSLCC Educational Foundation has the opportunity to help thousands of area residents change their lives by enabling them to successfully pursue post-secondary education, achieve positive life outcomes, and to build brighter futures. These residents are not only young people just beginning their college career, but also citizens seeking new skills as a result of changing workforce development needs.

Contrary to popular belief, community colleges do not receive full funding from the state; in fact, State support for our community colleges has been severely declining over the past several years. Currently, DSLCC receives only 39% of its funding from the Commonwealth of Virginia — the remaining funding continues to be supplemented by increases in student tuition and fees. Consequently, private support is critical in providing the power that comes with unfettered access to education.

The academic programs a DSLCC are critical to the economic growth and improved quality of life in our region; each year, talented and deserving students enter DSLCC seeking new opportunities. For many, these opportunities would not be possible without the support of our friends. Your gifts to the Educational Foundation help area residents realize their dreams and support the development of the region's workforce by providing support to the following areas:

The educated workforce that results contributes to a strong, vibrant economy as DSLCC graduates become involved citizens who work to improve their communities and beyond.

Your contribution to the DSLCC Educational Foundation, Inc., is an investment in the people and in the area in which you live.