Clubs on Campus

In addition to the Student Senate, there are several active clubs on campus.

Administration of Justice (ADJ) Club

The ADJ Club is a social-service organization, whose membership is open to ADJ majors and other interested students. Major activities of this club include the Criminal Justice Career Fair in April. The club also has a clothing line, "ADJ Gear," consisting of hats, t-shirts, golf shirts and sweatshirts.

Contact: Gary L. Boyer, Sr., at (540) 863-2885

Culinary Club

The Dabney S. Lancaster Culinary Club is designed to enhance the culinary school experience by bringing teamwork, friendship and purpose into practical application. Students participate in civic events, fundraising opportunities and program activities in order to recognize the need to actively support skill development and local hunger. By participating, students elevate their level of professionalism and civic duty.

Contact Phillip F. McManus, CWPC, CHE at (540) 863-2931

Forestry Club

The Forestry Club promotes a spirit of fellowship among students in the forestry program and furthers the education and enjoyment of its members in the field of renewable natural resources. In addition, the club encourages students in other programs to participate in its activities. Activities include Forestry Field Day, annual picnic, trash pick-up in the George Washington National Forest and participation in the Tri-State Annual Woodsmen's Competition.

Contact Joe Thacker at (540) 863-2893

Glee Club

The purpose of the Glee Club is to promote music including singing and playing of instruments for the enjoyment of the Glee Club Members, the college comunity, and the local community. Contact Steve Nicholson at 540-863-2888 or

Practical Nursing Student Organization

The DSLCC Practical Nursing Student Organization is comprised of currently enrolled practical nursing students. Our purpose is to promote practical nursing education by providing leadership and community service opportunities. It is our goal to promote professional growth and development of the student both on a personal and professional level.

Students accomplish these goals through a Community Services Committee which plans and directs various community activities during the year. In order to accomplish the work of this committee, various fundraisers are conducted throughout the year.

Upcoming events include a visit to the Virginia State Board of Nursing to observe the legislative function of the Board and a Health Fair/Bloodmobile co-sponsored with other student organizations at DSLCC. The Practical Nursing Student Organization is a sponsor for the DSLCC Nursing pinning ceremony annually.

Contact Penny Fauber at (540) 458-3299 or

Phi Theta Kappa

Phi Theta Kappa is the largest and most prestigious honor society that serves two-year colleges. Students must meet specific eligibility criteria to receive an invitation to membership, which is based primarily on academic achievement. Membership opportunities include scholarships, intellectual enrichment and personal development through programs based on the four hallmarks of Scholarship, Leadership, Service and Fellowship.

Contact Kathy Smestad at (540) 863-2824

TEACH (Teachers Educate and Change Humanity)

TEACH is the DSLCC organization for students pursuing a career in Education. Our mission is to “provide future educators with current information, opportunities, and experiences that will encourage and enhance their education and career paths, and to encourage said educators with opportunity for leadership and community connection” (TEACH Constitution). Students meet monthly and offer workshops for a variety of college pursuits in education, including Scholarship opportunities, Praxis preparation, Transfer needs and news, Portfolio development, and other concerns for students in this challenging career path.

Contact:  Tondalaya VanLear (540) 863-2854 or