Dual Enrollment


Dabney S Lancaster Community College's dual enrollment program is designed to provide high school students with the opportunity to complete college-level classes at their local high school. Students can complete a variety of college-level courses, usually at their own high school, which will help the student complete high school graduation requirements, and also serve to complete college course requirements. These courses may include the general education courses typically associated with freshman and sophomore college level courses and the introductory courses offered in our technical/occupational career programs. We invite all eligible students to consider taking DSLCC courses through our dual enrollment program

For further information about the dual enrollment program offered through Dabney S. Lancaster Community College, please review this website.

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What are the Benefits of Dual Enrollment for High School Students?

How are Dual Enrollment Courses Offered?

DSLCC provides dual enrollment opportunities in a variety of formats for eligible students. With permission, students may enroll in day or evening classes scheduled at the College or off-campus locations. Some dual enrollment courses are offered exclusively for students at their home school. Other course formats are continually being added to expand services to students, such as distance learning options.

Who Can Enroll?

High school juniors and seniors (generally age 16 and above) who are prepared for the demands of college-level course work are eligible to enroll by completing the following steps:

Home Schooled Students

Dual enrollment is restricted to high school students Home Schooled students are considered concurrently enrolled students. Home School students can take classes at DSLCC on either our main campus or at the Rockbridge Regional Center. All students admitted under this section must demonstrate a readiness for college, meet the applicable college placement requirements, and address all other college admission criteria. In addition, students will need the written approval of their local school district superintendent. Documentation of parental permission is also required for all concurrently enrollment students. Home schooled students should contact the Director of Student Services for additional information and requirements.

For more information, contact Joe Hagy, Dual Enrollment Coordinator, 540-863-2925, jhagy@dslcc.edu.