Honors Courses


To improve the chance of transferring to the four-year college or university of your choice or being hired for your dream job after graduation, consider taking honors courses to add to your credentials.

Qualified students will have an opportunity to enhance their ability to do academic research and develop a portfolio of work and educational experience through honors courses. Projects may include research projects presented to students and college staff, designing and facilitating IT training or other course-related projects as developed between the instructor and the student. Students will receive a designation of “H” on their transcripts for this work when their honors course(s) contract is fulfilled.

Honors courses may include classes such as General Biology, Survey of American Literature, Internship/Co-operative Education, Developmental Psychology, Religion (Parables), Sociology of the Family and Social Problems. There may be opportunities for more topics of study at the discretion of the faculty.

Contact Student Services at 540-863-2815 for more information and details about the application process.