Frequently Asked Questions

What is Talent Search (TS)?

Funded through the Higher Education Act of 1965, Educational Talent Search is a Department of Education program designed to identify, prepare, and assist first generation students (as well as “stop-outs” who wish to return to college) with preparing for college and applying for college admission and financial aid.

Who can be a member of Talent Search?

Any student who is first generation, that is; does not have a parent or guardian in the home who has completed a Bachelor’s Degree (4 years), is eligible to be a TS. TS students must also have the ability to succeed in education beyond high school. The TS program also uses financial information to further determine eligibility.

What services does Talent Search provide?

TS works with students in small group and individual sessions to provide early college and career awareness activities, career and academic counseling, exposure to college campuses, assistance with college entrance preparation, and financial aid and college admissions application assistance. TS students may also be eligible for SAT, ACT, and college admission fee waivers.

What schools does Talent Search serve?

TS counselors work in Alleghany, Bath, Covington, Parry McCluer, and Rockbridge High Schools, as well as Clifton Middle School, Maury River Middle School, and Parry McCluer Middle School.

How can I join Talent Search?

Students and parents must fill out an TS application. The application can be obtained from any TS counselor, the school Guidance Office, or by calling the DSLCC TS office at 863-2874.

Download the TRiO Talent Search Applicationts-application-updated-sept-2016.