Forestry-related courses are based on the Clifton Forge campus where students will find classrooms, program-specific lab spaces, computer labs, an industry-grade sawmill, the DSLCC campus forest and access to the Waddill Teaching Lab located only a few miles from the College. Part of required time in the classroom may be dedicated to field trips outside of the area, such as traveling to the U.S. Forest Service's National Forest and on private forest lands.

The format for the delivery of most classes is traditional lecture. For the successful completion of most courses, students are expected to attend classes, participate in labs and/or complete assignments that require additional study outside of scheduled class times.

It is important to discuss academic and career plans with an academic advisor who can assist in the development of a pathway that meets each student's needs and addresses the scheduling of courses by the college. This will assist the student in achieving their goal of completing all requirements for graduation.