Through the DSLCC Educational Foundation, eligible students may receive financial assistance with the cost of tuition and/or textbooks. Most scholarships are general in nature, while others have been designated by donors for students preparing to enter a specific program of study or career field. Some scholarships have an added requirement that the recipients be natives of (or have resided or attended public schools in) a specific geographic area, which generally reflects the wishes of the donor(s) who may have personally lived or worked in that location or have other personal reasons for adding that stipulation.

Assistance is also available for students who plan to complete an internship/co-op experience as part of the fulfillment of their associate degree/certificate requirements. The internship/co-op experience may be one that is listed as an official requirement or one in which the student has a strong interest in pursuing. These activities are encouraged, not only to provide opportunities for students to learn or strengthen content-related skills, but also to gain an understanding of the field in which they plan to develop a career.

DSLCC welcomes all students, whether they begin taking classes while still enrolled in high school, enter the college immediately after graduation from high school or earning a GED, or decide to postpone attending college for a brief (or even extended) time after completing high school. Most scholarships are developed with traditional-age students in mind, but there are a number of awards meant to assist those individuals who decide to enroll in college after having been out of a formal learning environment for many years; this may pertain to those whose family situation(s) or employment status may have limited or prevented them from attending college. Some individuals become students later in life to gain or update skills and knowledge with which to secure employment, or to prepare for switching to another career field. DSLCC strongly encourages all incoming students to learn about the forms of assistance available through the DSLCC Educational Foundation.

All students are encouraged to learn more about the numerous opportunities for financial assistance available through the DSLCC Educational Foundation. The office suite is located on the main campus in Backels Hall, first floor, in rooms 104-105. For details on each scholarship or to learn about the application process, call 540/863-2837 or email Rachael Thompson, director of the Educational Foundation, at

Detailed information about each scholarship is found here.