Monthly Archives: November 2013

SACSCOC Accreditation Reaffirmation

I am very pleased to inform you that DSLCC received an outstanding report from the SACSCOC Visiting Team provided at their exit conference.  The quality of the faculty, staff and students was evident to the team this week and they appreciated everyone’s cooperation.  DSLCC will need to address only two recommendations (from a total of 92 standards) and these are surrounding the library related to staffing and information literacy – areas the college will address without a problem.  Although the process is not completed, we expect DSLCC to receive full reaffirmation from the Board of Directors of SACSCOC in June 2014.

There are many people to thank for the success of these results, but I would also like to publically thank Dr. Chris Orem, Director of Institutional Effectiveness and our SACSCOC Liaison.  Chris led our efforts and I am confident we would not have been as successful if it was not for his leadership over the last two years.  Thank you Chris from the entire DSLCC Community!

As a way to celebrate this news, we would like to invite you to a SACSCOC Celebration in the Lobby of Warren Hall on Monday, November 18 at 1:00pm.  We hope you can stop by to join in this great news.

Thank you once again for being a great college with a great faculty and staff.