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New Tuition Assistance Programs for Workforce Credentials Offered

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

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Dabney S. Lancaster Community College will be offering eligible residents new options for financial assistance for workforce training, it was announced today.

Those seeking select industry credentials may apply for funding under new programs that were established by the state in 2016 to help with the shortage of qualified workers who have select high-demand industry credentials.

A grant called the New Economy Workforce Credential Grant (WCG) Program was approved by the Virginia General Assembly. For those who are eligible, one-third of the tuition is paid by the student; one-third is paid by the state upon successful completion of the training; and one-third is paid by the state upon attaining the industry credential.

To remain competitive, current and new employers throughout Virginia need to have a pipeline of applicants with the right education and training.  The need for many candidates who have completed technical training in specific fields is a serious and growing concern, especially in areas such as welding, commercial truck driving and healthcare.  Helping with the cost of training for select specialty areas may attract more individuals interested in getting skills for a job, finding a higher-wage job, or switching jobs.

The new programs were established to meet demands that have resulted from changing skill sets.  More and more jobs will require candidates to have knowledge and skills gained from study beyond the high school level but not to the level of a bachelor’s degree.  DSLCC will be offering some of the training programs that meet the “high-demand” definition.

A second new program, Financial Assistance for Noncredit Training that leads to Industry Credentials (FANTIC), is available to Virginia residents who meet certain income eligibility requirements. Students receiving FANTIC will have up to 90 percent of their tuition costs covered by the state for select program.

To learn more about the new workforce credentials grant, financial assistance opportunities, and the types of training available through DSLCC, contact the DSLCC Division of Workforce Solutions and Community Education at 540-863-2848 or email  Visit