Distance Learning Student Expectations


Distance Learning affords students with unparalleled access to education as was never before possible.  This access, however, does present challenges: students need both access to technology and skills to use that technology in order to be successful in the virtual classroom.  The information presented below offers an entry point to key skills and software that students require in order to be successful in an online class.


DSLCC online students need to know how to use the following software and Web sites:

  • Blackboard. Access Blackboard (Bb) through the MyDabney link. Bb maintains a series of helpfu Bb Training Tutorials on YouTube. Additional Bb support content is available from the Student Resources link located in all DSLCC Bb Courses.
  • DSLCC Library. The DSLCC Library offers a variety of helpful Library Research Guides that cover distance learning.
  • SmartThinking. Smart Thinking provides access to online tutoring in a wide array of subjects. Access SmartThinking through Blackboard.
  • Atomic Learning


  • It is recommended that online students have access to high speed Internet and have access to the following software:
  • Windows or Mac OS operating system with a release date no more than three years old
  • Current version of two or more of the following Web browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Office

Familiarity with the following software is highly recommended:

  • Microsoft 365 or Google Drive
  • MS Outlook
  • MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint


It is recommended that students complete ITE 115 (Basic Computer Literacy) and SDV 100 (College Success Skills) before beginning online classes or as their first online class.


Online students need good time management skills.

COMMUNICATION Effective communication in an online environment can be challenging.