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The On Ramp Program represents the convergence of efforts taken by the Virginia Community College System to align its statewide strategic plan for community colleges, Achieve 2015, with Virginia’s workforce system’s drive to expand career pathways planning and rapid response assistance for Dislocated Workers, as defined under WIA of 1998 § 101 (9) and (10).

The fundamental goal of the project, which targets adults who are unemployed, is to increase the number of adults who obtain postsecondary education credentials linked to in-demand careers, thus, enhancing their ability to improve their employment status and annual earnings.

On Ramp illustrates how workforce training at the post-secondary level stimulates new ways to prepare students for credential attainment and entry into the skilled workforce, consistent with the charge of the Chancellor’s Task Force on Reengineering.

On Ramp also exemplifies a WIA funded initiative that increases areas within the WIA system with significant employment need, by prioritizing postsecondary education credential attainment as a way to address the long term career development needs of Dislocated Workers.

Benefits of the Program:

Refer to the Eligibility link to see if you qualify!

Please contact Joyce Shull Broughman, Adult Career Coach, by email at jbroughman@dslcc.edu or by calling 540-863-2923 for more information regarding the On Ramp Program eligibility requirements.