Placement Testing

Placement tests are scheduled throughout the year, including evenings and Saturdays, on the Dabney S. Lancaster Community College (DSLCC) main campus in Clifton Forge and at the Rockbridge Regional Center (RRC) in Buena Vista. Placement tests are available by appointment only. There is no test fee. Your photo ID, Empl ID (Student ID Number) and student email address are all that is required to take the tests. If you do not have an Empl ID and a student email address, you must go online and submit an Application for Admission for credit classes. Please complete the Application for Admission at least three days prior to taking the placement tests. If you have ever applied to any VCCS school, but do not know your Empl ID and student email address, please call 540-863-2820 or toll free 1-877-73-DSLCC (1-877-733-7522) and ask to have this information looked up for you. Please call one of the above numbers to schedule your appointment for the placement tests.

Preparing for the DSLCC placement tests

Measured Success Web site (Click Student Registration on site)

Directions for taking the English and Mathematics Practice Test (icon-download PDF)

Math Units and descriptions (icon-download PDF from VCCS Curriculum Guide)

VPT Math Practice Questions & Answers (icon-download PDF)

Online Resources to Review for the VPT English (icon-download PDF)

Khan Academy