Home Schooled Students

Admission of Home Schooled Students

DSLCC welcomes home schooled students! Applicants should generally be at least 16 years old and comply with the following procedures.

  1. Applicants will provide a current copy of a completed and signed home schooled agreement between the appropriate school system and the authorizing parent or guardian.
  2. An applicant whose home schooling does not require a home schooled agreement should generally be 18 years of age and able to demonstrate the ability to benefit from a program at the College as evaluated by an appropriate score on the placement test or the SAT or ACT test.
  3. Applicants will submit a college application and meet with an academic advisor for course approval.
  4. Applicants will complete placement testing in mathematics, English and reading unless they have taken the SAT or ACT test.
  5. Applicants will meet with an academic advisor to plan their program of study.