Guaranteed Admissions

Is Your Goal To Earn a Bachelors Degree? Consider One of the Degree Transfer Programs at Dabney S. Lancaster Community College!

Degree Transfer programs at Dabney S. Lancaster Community College (DSLCC) are designed for students who plan to earn a bachelor’s degree at a four-year college or university. DSLCC students have gone on to successfully achieve that goal at a number of institutions of higher learning in Virginia and other states. The number of special transfer agreements that DSLCC has in place with four-year schools continues to grow, creating opportunities for smooth transfers to many fine institutions.

Guaranteed Admissions Agreements

The VCCS has system-wide agreements with certain schools at all community colleges in Virginia.

Advantages for students who complete the Associate of Arts and Sciences Degree and transfer to a four (4)-year state college or university are:

  • Eligible for the many Guaranteed Admissions Agreements that the Virginia Community College System has with a wide variety of four-year colleges and universities
  • Given priority over those students who have not completed their AA&S Degree
  • Considered to have attained junior standing at the state four (4) year college or university to which they may transfer
  • To the extent possible, given the same opportunities in areas such as course selection, registration, access to campus housing and financial aid as those students who attended their freshman and sophomore years
  • Eligible for a State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV) Transfer Grant which would substantially reduce their financial burden when they transfer

In addition to the Guaranteed Admission Agreements that the Virginia Community College System has with certain colleges, DSLCC has agreements with the following schools:

Without the AA&S Degree, students may not be eligible for these advantages.

The specific terms of each agreement vary by school. For details on transferring from DSLCC to four-year colleges and universities, contact Student Services at 540/863-2815 or toll-free at 877-73DSLCC.

Consider completing the first two years of a Bachelors Degree at DSLCC!

DSLCC transfer programs are great starting points for students who want to earn a four-year degree without facing the astronomical and constantly rising costs that four-year colleges and universities are charging for tuition, room, and board. Our programs in Business Administration, Education, General Studies, and Science are the same programs virtually all colleges and universities in the nation offer during their first two years, but our programs cost a fraction of the cost that students have to pay for the very same programs at four-year colleges and universities.

Our transfer programs offer the same wide range of courses found in the first two years of any four-year college program – courses in English, humanities, mathematics, natural and life sciences, and social sciences – and students who complete our Associate of Arts and Sciences Two-Year Degree are able to transfer to the college or university of their choice as third-year students (juniors).

Our instructors meet the same high standards of academic preparation as those at any four-year college or university in the nation and our focus is on quality teaching and student learning. Our classes are small, and our students receive personal help from our instructors. At DSLCC, we treat students as individuals, not as numbers, and we consider it a privilege to serve the students who select our College as the institution at which to begin their post-secondary education.

We work hard every day to help students succeed and transfer to earn the four-year college degree of their choice. Each year, we increase the number of Guaranteed Admissions Agreements (GAA) that we have with outstanding colleges and universities. These special arrangements enable qualified students to enter as juniors with specific benefits. It is becoming increasingly popular to earn a bachelors degree by completing the first two years of study at DSLCC and then transferring to a four-year college or university.

Considering factors such as quality instruction, accessibility and affordable tuition, many students and their families are learning why DSLCC’s transfer programs are a great place to start!