Dabney Promise Program

The Dabney Promise program is open to ALL residents of the College’s service area – high school, continuing, and non-traditional students. The Dabney Promise Program helps to strengthen the local workforce and promote economic development and prosperity.  Students enrolled in both trade certification programs, as well as associate degree programs, are eligible.

The Dabney Promise program provides tuition assistance to as many students as possible, based on need and available funding.

Some Requirements/ Responsibilities:

  • Students must have and maintain a minimum 2.25 GPA
  • Students must be a resident of the College’s service area
  • Students must complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) prior to applying – fafsa.gov
  • Students must have completed scholarship application prior to the application deadline – completing the Dabney Promise “Apply To” questions
  • Students must attend DSLCC Orientation prior to fall semester
  • Students must attend Dabney Promise Program Orientation prior to fall semester
  • Students must be enrolled in and maintain a minimum of 9 credit hours each fall and spring semester (maximum fifteen (15) credit hours per semester covered; only two (2) developmental courses TOTAL are covered by the program)*
  • Students must complete one (1) credit hour SDV course during first semester, if they have not already done so
  • Students must complete four (4) hours of community service each semester, to be pre-approved by the Foundation Office
*Dabney Promise funds are applied after all student scholarships and financial aid to fill any remaining tuition and fees gap.