JRGS Admission

Participants in the Jackson River Governor’s School must complete an application process. A selection committee from each high school reviews the applications and selects finalists and alternates from their school. Home-schooled and private school students are not eligible to attend the Governor’s School unless they enroll full-time in a local public high school. They must apply through the high school they will be attending while participating in the Governor’s School.

Application packets are available in each guidance office, and an Adobe Acrobat file is available here for downloading. Applications are due by March 15 each year. Participants will be notified by April 10 of the same calendar year.

Applicants should

  • Be currently enrolled in 10th grade. However, any student who meets the prerequisites for attendance is encouraged to apply.
  • Have completed Algebra I and II, Geometry, and Biology with a grade of A or B
  • Exhibit above-average performance in most subjects, and superior performance in mathematics and science,
  • Exhibit evidence of intellectual curiosity, analytical thinking and imagination
  • Show evidence of aptitude, potential, and strong interest in science and mathematics
  • Demonstrate the extent to which he/she has taken advantage of opportunities or have overcome lack of opportunities in the local school or community
  • Have a sincere desire to attend the Jackson River Governor’s School.

Selection criteria considered by the screening committee includes, but is not limited to:

Mathematics course grades Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Trigonometry (B or above)
Science course grades Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry (B or above)
PSAT/SAT scores 90th percentile or above
Attendance Consistent
Teacher and Counselor recommendations High praise