Jackson River Governor’s School


Mission Statement

The Jackson River Governor’s School gives motivated high school juniors and seniors in seven school divisions the opportunity to participate in an innovative and challenging program of studies in mathematics, science, and technology. The school provides an opportunity to work with faculty who have distinguished themselves as college teachers in an environment that nurtures and stimulates students with a genuine interest in science and mathematics. Research projects, internships, visiting speakers, and field trips make students aware of the connection of the curriculum to the “real world.”


The Jackson River Governor’s School is a regional public school for motivated high school students, primarily in grades 11 and 12, who want to go beyond the traditional high school offerings in science, mathematics, and technology.

Students come from five school divisions in western Virginia: Alleghany County, Bath County, Botetourt County, Buena Vista City, and Covington City. Rockbridge County and Highland County students may also apply for admission, but none are attending the program at this time.

Governor’s School students come to the Dabney S. Lancaster Community College campus for morning classes in math, science, and technology, and return to their home high school for afternoon classes in English, social studies, and electives. They also have opportunities to participate in extra-curricular activities such as clubs, athletics, and performing arts at their high schools.

Governor’s School differs in many ways from a traditional high school. Some of the differences include daily schedule, pace of work, group work, grading, equipment availability, collegiate atmosphere, and collegial relationships with faculty members. Students develop a peer group whose members have high intellectual abilities and aptitude which creates a level of challenge and camaraderie not available in their home schools. Students use sophisticated laboratory and computer equipment at DSLCC, the cost of which is prohibitive to their home schools.

Participating Public School Divisions:

  • Alleghany County
  • Bath County
  • Botetourt County
  • City of Buena Vista
  • City of Covington


Eddie Graham, Director at 540-863-2872 or egraham@dslcc.edu