Information for Instructors

Initial Responsibilities of Dual Enrollment Instructors

  • Instructors interested in teaching dual enrollment classes should submit the DSLCC Credentialing Committee form to the DSLCC Dual Enrollment Coordinator, along with unofficial copies of their transcripts. (Appendix Q)
  • Provisionally credentialed dual enrollment faculty must submit a state employment application and official college transcripts to DSLCC before they are eligible to teach dual enrollment classes. Transcripts must only be submitted once unless additional degrees or certificates have been awarded. (Appendix E)

Semester/Yearly Responsibilities of Dual Enrollment Instructors

  • Dual enrollment instructors are responsible for emailing a copy of their course syllabus to the DSLCC Dual Enrollment Coordinator at least 2 weeks before the start of their class. Instructors must utilize the format found in Appendix F creating their course syllabus. Student learning outcomes for all dual enrollment courses must be identical to courses taught on DSLCC’s campus.
  • Dual enrollment instructors are responsible for distributing and collecting mandatory student forms and delivering these completed forms to the designated high school guidance counselor each semester.
  • Instructors are responsible for distributing student course evaluations to their dual enrollment students towards the end of each course. These will be provided to each dual enrollment instructor, complete with instructions, and are expected to be returned to the DSLCC Dual Enrollment Coordinator no later than two weeks before the end of each course.
  • Dual enrollment instructors are responsible for entering grades into SIS after their course is complete. Final grades are due within one week from the end of class. Grades entered into Blackboard do not automatically transfer over into SIS. (Appendix G)
  • Periodically, dual enrollment instructors will be observed by a qualified DSLCC faculty or staff member. This is a cooperative process and the deadlines expressed within the Class Observation Assessment Form should be strictly adhered to. (Appendix H)
  • Dual enrollment instructors are strongly encouraged to contact the appropriate DSLCC Program Head if they have questions relating to the course they are teaching. (Appendix M)
  • Dual enrollment instructors are highly encouraged to attend faculty orientations and other in-service programs agreed upon by the college and the school division.
  • Dual enrollment instructors must take a free summer professional development course, EDU 195: Overview of Dual Enrollment, within one year of teaching dual enrollment for the college.
  • Dual enrollment instructors are expected to attend a yearly dual enrollment workshop/informational session on DSLCC’s campus and will work with a designated faculty member at least once each semester to discuss course outcomes, textbook selection, assessment, etc.
  • Dual enrollment instructors will be required to submit the following documents to the DSLCC Dual Enrollment Coordinator for review immediately following the completion of their course:
    • Copies of major assessments and the assessment scale- ex: midterm exam, final exam, etc. Not every assessment is necessary, so be selective.
  • In courses where writing is the predominate evaluative criteria (ex: English), an instructor portfolio is required for review that should consist of the following:
    • Sample assignment sheets and evaluative rubrics. Not every paper is necessary, so be selective.
    • The complete portfolio of 2 students, demonstrating all of the major work completed during the semester/year.
    • A few examples of student work of various levels- A’s, B’s, C’s- Names must be redacted.
    • Once an instructor’s portfolio is approved by the College, future submissions only need to include major assessments, the assessment scale, and evaluative rubrics, unless otherwise stated by the DSLCC Dual Enrollment Coordinator.

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