Dual Enrollment

Dabney S Lancaster Community College’s dual enrollment program is designed to provide high school students with the opportunity to complete college-level classes at their local high school. Students can complete a variety of college-level courses, usually at their own high school, which will help the student complete high school graduation requirements, and also serve to complete college course requirements. These courses may include the general education courses typically associated with freshman and sophomore college level courses and the introductory courses offered in our technical/occupational career programs. We invite all eligible students to consider taking DSLCC courses through our dual enrollment program.

For further information about the dual enrollment program offered through Dabney S. Lancaster Community College, please review this website.

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Understanding Dual Enrollment at DSLCC

What is Dual Enrollment?
  • Unique opportunity for high school juniors and seniors (exceptional freshmen and sophomores may be considered) to jump-start their collegiate and professional careers by earning college credit while they are still in high school.
  • Dual enrollment credit earned in academic courses will transfer to DSLCC and most 4-year Virginia colleges and universities.
  • Dual enrollment credit earned in CTE courses will transfer to DSLCC and institutions that have articulation agreements with the college.
  • Classes are offered to students in traditional academic areas, as well as in Career and Technical Education fields.
  • Most dual enrollment classes are held at a student’s home high school or technical center.
  • Students may concurrently enroll in classes on DSLCC’s campus, or in courses that are available online through the college, during hours that work with their schedule.
What are the Advantages of Dual Enrollment?
  • Helps students and their families save a considerable amount of money, making access to a college degree more affordable.
  • Provides valuable experience towards possible career fields of interest.
  • Uses qualified instructors and a rigorous curriculum to prepare students for college or a career.
  • Provides the knowledge and skills necessary to be competitive in today’s workforce.
What are the Risks of Taking Dual Enrollment?
  • Content of dual enrollment courses is academically rigorous and will not be altered to accommodate high school students.
  • A low or failing grade in a dual enrollment course will negatively impact both your high school and college GPA.
  • Low or failing grades in dual enrollment classes become a part of your permanent high school and college transcripts.
  • A low or failing grade in a dual enrollment course could negatively impact your ability to obtain future financial aid for college.

For more information on DSLCC’s Dual Enrollment Program, contact Timothy Cary, Dual Enrollment Coordinator, (540) 863-2913, tcary@dslcc.edu.

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