Private Security Service

Career Studies Certificates

Code: 221-400-60

General Information

The Private Security Services Career Studies Certificate (CSC) prepares individuals for entry-level positions, as unarmed or armed security officers and private investigators, in the proprietary and contract aspects of private security.

The program provides current security officers and investigators the additional skills which can lead to advancement into first-line supervision and management positions within the field of private security.

Successful completion of the private security courses (armed security officer, unarmed security officer, private investigator, and firearms training) will meet state-mandated training requirements for registration in each respective area with DCJS, thus making the student eligible for employment in these respective areas.

Detailed descriptions of courses in the ADJ programs may be found in the DSLCC Catalog and Student Handbook.

Program Requirements

Private Security Services CSC – Program Information sheet (PDF)



All Administration of Justice (ADJ) courses are available on the main campus in Clifton Forge or at the DSLCC Rockbridge Regional Center in Buena Vista. Selected courses may be scheduled at an off-campus site, such as a local department of police or other facility. Some courses may be scheduled for students to complete via distance learning.

Internships/co-op experiences may be required in some ADJ programs; they must be requested one full semester in advance, and the student is responsible for locating an agency that will accept them for the internship. Hours required for the completion of internships/co-ops may be scheduled at any number of locations throughout the DSLCC service area.

Tools, Equipment and Supplies

Because the instructor(s) use technology to minimize the need to produce, print and store large quantities of paper copies, students may want to include the cost of some printing as they develop a budget for college expenses. It is estimated that students use approximately one ream of paper each semester to print out notes, hand-outs, etc. They may also want to consider the cost of printing (ink) and/or the cost of making copies, at the college or other site of their choosing.

ADJ students should have access to a personal desktop or laptop computer with internet access. Blackboard learning system accounts are established for each ADJ course and quizzes are designed to be completed via computer on the students’ own time, rather than during scheduled class times. Due to selected deadlines, students may need to complete some assigned work at times when the buildings on the main campus or the DSLCC Rockbridge Regional Center are closed.


Commonwealth of Virginia, Department of Criminal Justice (DCJS), Private Security Services (PSS)

Private Investigators Association of Virginia

The United States Office of Personnel Management (OPM)

Federal Bureau of Investigation

The Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services

Virginia State Police

Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries

Covington Police Department

Buena Vista Police Department


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