Introduction to Arts Management

Career Studies Certificates

Code: 221-528-01

General Information

The Career Studies Certificate – Introduction to Arts Management will provide basic knowledge and skills for those who wish to enter or advance in positions related to the arts in and around the College’s service area communities. Different than large-scale commercial arts organizations, community arts organizations generally require individuals with some basic knowledge of a wide variety of tasks that must be performed for sustained success. The skills and knowledge may be applied in any setting to align with graduates’ goals.

The program may suit individuals who are (or wish to become) engaged with the arts, as volunteers or as candidates for paid positions. Graduates are expected to gain valuable skill sets and knowledge, such as the importance of teamwork, a deeper appreciation for the many aspects of successful operations that are integral parts of visual and performing arts, the value of volunteerism, and the need to perform business-related tasks found within the arts, such as management; finances; marketing; sales and merchandising.


Program Requirements

Introduction to Arts Management – Program Information sheet

Employment Outlook

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported certain arts industries are expected to experience greater than average job growth. “The public’s continued interest in arts, sciences, and history, when coupled with growing amounts of content and material to manage, will create demand for such jobs.” Graduates may work in support/technical positions in arts-related venues. Examples may include: Coordinator/ Director of a local or regional arts organization; Programs Coordinator for arts organization; Education Assistant or Coordinator for an arts organization; or Gallery Coordinator for private or public gallery.
Graduates may work at venues such as theaters, amphitheaters, arts and crafts centers, studios, educational/training organizations, museums, chambers of commerce, concert halls, visitors’ centers, artisan trails, among others.
In addition, the curriculum provides preparation for other professions providing students with transferable skills in leadership, communication, and planning.

Gainful Employment Disclosure Information