Emergency Medical Services -Basic

Career Studies Certificates

Code: 221-146-03

General Information

The EMS Basic Career Studies Certificate is a 27 credit hour program designed to prepare individuals to function as entry Basic level EMS providers. This program is offered on the Dabney campus in Clifton Forge, VA.

This career studies certificate program is designed to produce competent entry-level Intermediates who can service the community with advanced life support care via the EMS infrastructure. Employment opportunities for Intermediate may be available with Ambulance, Fire and Rescue Services, Hospitals, Government Departments, Sales and Humanitarian relief organizations.

The curriculum for this program complies with VCCS standards and has been approved by Virginia Office of Emergency Medical Services.
Upon successful completion of the program, students will be eligible to take the National Registry Exam for certification to practice.

Available documents:

Program Requirements

Emergency Medical Services – CSC – Program Information Sheet


Classes are held on the main campus in Clifton Forge. Facilities include classrooms, program-specific lab spaces, computer labs, offices and spaces used for student activities, student support services and a wide variety of resources to support student learning.

Formats for the delivery of many general classes may include traditional lecture, compressed video, web-enhanced instruction, and independent study. For the successful completion of most courses, students are expected to attend classes, participate in labs and/or complete assignments that require additional study outside of scheduled class times. Some courses are available on an independent-study basis.

Some courses are offered every semester while others are only scheduled in the fall or spring semester or one of the college’s summer sessions. It is important to discuss academic and career plans with an academic advisor who can assist in the development of a pathway that meets each student’s needs and addresses the scheduling of courses by the college. This will assist the student in achieving their goal of completing all requirements for graduation.

Tools, Equipment and Supplies

In addition to tuition, transportation to and from all field and clinical rotations and parking fees at those sites students will be responsible for the following items:

Pre-Admission Estimated Costs
Physical Exam

Urine Drug Screen

Criminal Background Check

Total Pre-Entrance Fees

Program Esitmated Costs

Supplies (stethoscope, bandage sheers, etc)

FISDAP Scheduler & Skills Tracker pkg access (1 year)

Uniform parts- EMT pants, polo shirt, & boots

Total Items for Program Costs

Post Program Completion Estimated Cost
EMT National Training- National Registry Review

National Registry Testing for Certification

Total Post Completion Costs

Approximate total cost, (in addition to tuition and fees)

Please note that costs are provided to guide students in the planning of a budget for the program and are estimated based on costs charged in previous years. The College does not assume responsibility for the numbers that are listed; the actual costs are set by external vendors/agencies and are subject to change without notice.

Total ESTIMATED cost (in addition to tuition and fees)

Employment Outlook

Gainful Employment Disclosure Information


The following resources will provide additional information about the Emergency Medical Services field:

The National Association for Emergency Medical Services

A top magazine for those interested in Emergency Medical Services

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