Business Administration

Arts and Sciences (AA&S) Degree

Code: 216

General Information

Administrative Support Technology - CertificateThe Business Administration program is the first two years of a four-year discipline that combines a general education approach with broad programs in business to provide the fundamentals of sound business theories and practices.It is designed to allow students to transfer into the third year of a four-year college or university business program.

Students who transfer in this program may wish to major in one of the following fields:

  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Management
  • Marketing

Advantages for students who complete the Associate of Arts and Sciences Degree and transfer to a four (4)-year state college or university are:

  • Eligible for the many Guaranteed Admissions Agreement that the Virginia Community College System has with a wide variety of four-year colleges and universities
  • Given priority over those students who have not completed their AA&S Degree
  • Considered to have met the lower-division general-education requirements of the state four (4)-year college or university to which they may transfer
  • Considered to have attained junior standing at the state four (4) year college or university to which they may transfer
  • To the extent possible, given the same opportunities in areas such as course selection, registration, access to campus housing and financial aid as those students who attended their freshman and sophomore years
  • Eligible for a State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV) Transfer Grant which would substantially reduce their financial burden when they transfer

In addition to the Guaranteed Admission Agreements that the Virginia Community College System has with certain schools, DSLCC has Guaranteed Admissions Agreements with several other schools. The full list can be found here.

Without the AA&S Degree, students may not be eligible for these advantages.

Program Requirements

Business Administration Degree program information sheet


Classes are held on the main campus in Clifton Forge and a variety of other locations, including the DSLCC Rockbridge Regional Center (RRC) in Buena Vista. Facilities include classrooms, program-specific lab spaces, computer labs, offices and spaces used for student activities, student support services and a wide variety of resources to support student learning.

Formats for the delivery of many general classes include traditional lecture, compressed video, web-enhanced instruction, and independent study. For the successful completion of most courses, students are expected to attend classes, participate in labs and/or complete assignments that require additional study outside of scheduled class times. Some courses are available on an independent-study basis.

Some courses are offered every semester while others are only scheduled in the fall or spring semester or one of the college’s summer sessions. It is important to discuss academic and career plans with an academic advisor who can assist in the development of a pathway that meets each student’s needs and addresses the scheduling of courses by the college. This will assist the student in achieving their goal of completing all requirements for graduation.

Tools, Equipment and Supplies

No special tools or equipment are required for this program. Some instructors use technology to minimize the use of paper. If a student wishes to produce hard copies of documents (possible hand-outs or extra notes not provided by the instructor, then he/she will need to include the cost of purchasing paper and printing copies as part of his/her budget.

Most students purchase items routinely used for class, such as pens, pencils notebooks, calculators, etc. which may be purchased through the DSLCC Bookstore or another location.

Students are not required to purchase a computer, but most instructors will assign work for students to complete that requires the use of a personal desktop or laptop computer with internet access. It is very likely that some assignments will be made requiring students to work outside of regularly scheduled class times. Students may use computer labs on the main campus and at the DSLCC Rockbridge Regional Center during regular business hours; however, due to some deadlines and personal schedules, students should expect situations in which they must complete work and/or submit assignments on their own time outside of college hours and should plan accordingly.


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