Safety and Security

Dabney S. Lancaster is truly concerned about the safety, health and well-being of our students, employees and our community. Policies, plans and procedures are continually reviewed, with training sessions appropriate to procedural needs, to ensure our employees have the most current information readily available to them not only to respond to but to prevent a crisis situation.

Emergency Notification

Policy on Bullying

Dabney S. Lancaster Community College is committed to maintaining a safe and comfortable environment that facilitates learning and other productive activities. As such, no acts of bullying will be tolerated. Encouraging fighting, using profanity, exhibiting obscene gestures or taking any action to create a climate of imminent danger or instill in others fear of bodily harm are not considered appropriate and will not be allowed. Immediate action will be taken by the administration.

Security and Safety Video

Watch this video to learn more about safety and security procedures on campus: