Governance of the College

The President meets regularly with an Executive Council to review and discuss matters pertaining to the general operation of the College. Other meetings are scheduled if needed to discuss special topics or important issues that must be addressed immediately.

Once a month, a College Council meets. The College Council includes the members of the Executive Council, selected administrators/staff, and the chair of each of the Standing Committees. A brief update is provided by all attendees, with the most important focus placed on communication. Every area of the College is able to share information and receive information from all other departments; every attendee in turn shares any updates from the meeting with their supervisors, subordinates and/or committee members. The College Council members note comments, concerns, and other points to bring back to the Council at the next meeting.


This governance structure allows participation from as many employees as possible, so that all have a voice. Under this model all employees shall have regular updates on programs and services and other topics of interest and importance, especially as they relate to providing an excellent experience for DSLCC students.