Travel Department

Welcome to the Travel page.  If you have any questions or need information for travel issues, please feel free to contact our offices at any time. Our goal is to provide you with correct procedures to insure all travel is reimbursed without delay.

Travel Office

Location: Backels Hall
Phone: 540-863-2879
FAX: 540-863-2915
Email: blinkswiler

Please utilize the following forms and regulations to assist with your travel arrangements and reimbursements.

Planning Your Trip - Reserving a state car or rental car. Please use this PDF form to calculate reimbursement rates.

Travel Reimbursement Form - Choose Excel 2015

Blanket Travel Voucher

Combined Travel Estimate & Trip Request Form

Reserve a State car

Fueling Procedures for Pool Vehicles

State Travel Regulations

REDI (Remittance Electronic Data Interchange) Application Form

State Employee Notification Change Form

Travel Advance Request Form