When Ordering Supplies or Services

Check to see if the vendor is registered with eVA.

Go to www.eva.virginia.gov and click on vendors link on the far right hand side of the page.

If the vendor is not registered with eVA, every effort must be made to find a registered vendor that provides the goods or services that you wish to purchase.If you have questions, please contact me for more information: blinkswiler

If the vendor is registered with eVA, check to see if they are a certified "SWAM" vendor, if they are a registered "SWAM" vendor, we may purchase from them. If they are not a registered "SWAM" vendor, an effort must be made to find one that is. If a "SWAM" vendor cannot be found for the product you wish to order, please note that on the purchase requisition before routing to the purchasing department. All purchase requisitions should be assigned a purchase order number prior to being forwarded to the purchasing department.Please contact me for a Purchase Order number: blinkswiler

Items available on State Contract


Becoming SWAM Certified

W-9 Form